BBC Interview – Veena Malik explains the latest FHM scandal

In an interview with BBC, Veena Malik has finally admitted that she was not wearing anything on the top portion of her body and was only covering it by her arms. Here is what Veena has to say:

“I was not naked at all. I was was wearing a bikini, and then the other portions of the body, I was like…  was covered with my arms, and above all that, they were supposed to cover the other portions of my body with the tattoos. They actually did not.”


The interviewer made it clear by asking if she were topless and only wearing bikini bottom. To which Veena told:

“Yea, it was a topless suit. But, not that topless that other portion would be showing. It would be covered all the time with my arms on and with the tattoos, of course. ”

Veena told that other actresses in Bollywood have posed for similar photos and it is nothing new. Watch the interview in the following video. (Photo credit – A screenshot from the BBC video)

** Interview Video not available anymore **

This is related to the magazine cover scandal between Indian Men’s magazine FHM India and Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Please go though the details in our previous posts:

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She has admitted that she was topless in another interview with CNN.

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