Veena Malik MMS goes viral, another publicity stunt?

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is known for creating controversy for publicity. Now, she is again in the news for a video gone viral in internet. The video featuring Veena’s intimate moments with producer Rajan Verma is being shared as a leaked MMS video in online communities.


The MMS doesn’t appear to be a random shot but a scripted scene shot by a professional. In the a-minute-long video, Rajan Verma and Veena are seen kissing and cuddling. Because of the nature of the video many have suspected it to be a promotion video for her upcoming movie with Rajan Verma as her co-star. The video is safe-for-work and, is available in YouTube.

That’s not all, some have even suspected that the video might be a part of a scene from the movie, or a different B-grade movie they might have done together. Whatever might be the case, Veena has been successful (again) in creating headlines by creating controversy.

Nether Veena not Rajan have  opened their mouth in the case.

We suspect this video is a part of a new kissing record in a movie Veena is planning to make.

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