Top 10 Bollywood actress in 2015 search, Sunny Leone is the number one

The top searched Indian in internet in the year 2015 is Sunny Leone. The adult star who has established in Bollyoowd is both top searched person in India and the world for any Indian. Here is the list of Bollywood actresses who ranked top 10 in Google’s search ranking in India:

Slideshow video report:

The list:

  1. Sunny Leone
  2. Katrina Kaif
  3. Deepika Padukone
  4. Alia Bhatt
  5. Radhika Apte
  6. Anushka Sharma
  7. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  8. Kareena Kapoor
  9. Priyanka Chopra
  10. Poonam Pandey

Sunny Leone managed to capture the attention of the whole world after debuting in Bollywood three years ago. Last year, two of her movies featuring her in lead role were released. She had also acted in a number of other movies in short roles. In addition to being the top ranking Bollywood actress, she is the top ranking Indian as a whole.

Katrina Kaif is another beautiful actress in Bollywood and ranked second in Bollywood actresses. Overall Katrina is ranked 4th in India after Salman Khan and APJ Abdul Kalam.

The third ranking Deepika Padukone is also ranked fifth in overall India. Deepika has been more popular than Shah Rukh Khan who is ranked sixth in India.

top 10 bollywood actress in google search 2015

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