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Nepal girls perform Mujra dances in Tanzania mujra bars

Taking advantage of visa on arrival for Nepali in Tanzania and Kenya, Nepali girls have flocked to the African country to dance in the local dancebars. According to a report, there are 60 young Nepali girls in dance bars in … Continue reading

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Kangana Ranaut mujra and Rajjo in making

Vishwas Patil’s dream project ‘Rajjo’ is the first directional venture of the well known writer and historian. The movie is based on mujra culture and mujra houses in which the leading female actress is a ‘nautchwali’, a mujra dancer. After … Continue reading

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Mujra tradition in London. Why Deepika Padukone refused a 4 crore offer?

Last month, many in Bollywood were surprised to know that Deepika Padukone turned down an offer of Rs. 4 crore, to perform in a private party in London. It sure is a huge money to perform a 4 minutes dance … Continue reading

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Mujra Dancers – demand of white skinned dancer increasing

The demand of foreign Mujra dancers in parties has challenged the local artists in Delhi and other Indian cities. Previously Mujra used to be considered a form of art but today, these dancers are associated to prostitution. The term ‘tawaif’ … Continue reading

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Shilpa Shetty to perform mujra dance in ZND

Actress Shilpa Shetty, wanted to perform a mujra dance on screen, but the wish wasn’t fulfilled till date. The actress had told her friends and colleagues that she wanted to perform a mujra on screen or on stage but she … Continue reading

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Dance bar – morality and India

Following is the article written by Daya Sagar Sharma titled Why ban only dance bars, there are many other trades ?? and published in americanchronicle.com on January 03, 2008. Acts that are termed as immoral are those that adversely affect … Continue reading

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Mujra – Sex trade of sensual dance ?

The banned exotic dance Mujra is being organised in secret locations in the city attended by the rich and mighty while flesh trade is thriving in the guise of tawaif and girls are being sent abroad to entertain guests. Though … Continue reading

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