Sunny Leone rocked New Delhi on New Year eve

In a program organized to celebrate new year eve of 2013 in New Delhi, Sunny Leone did a number of sensuous dances for the audience in New Delhi. The New Years Eve program, held in Hotel Lalit, had more than 2000 viewers to watch the Indo-Canadian adult-film star dance in hot item numbers.


Sunny danced in a number of Bollywood hits including Yeh jism hai toh kya, Abhi abhi, Disco deewane and a Jennifer Lopez number. The responsefrom the audience was very positive and exciting. In her second entry on the stage she performed on item numbers like Anarkali disco chali, Ooh la la and Chikni chameli.

After the event, Sunny’s husband and manager Daniel Weber said that the performance was sold out and the audience enjoyed it a lot.

After the performance, Sunny tweeted:


A video of the performance:

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