Sunny Leone – rare Salwar Kamiz photos

If you don’t know who Sunny Leone is, do a Google search and you will come up with thousands of references to know more about her. If you have “Do not filter my search results” option switched on, you will be greeted by tons of not-so-decent results of the actress.



An actress of Indian origin, popularly known as Sunny Leone, has made big in the international adult film industry. In most of the actresses’ case, finding photos of actress without cloth is a rare case. But in Sunny Leone’s case, opposite is true. Sunny is mostly seen without clothes and seeing her fully dressed might in itself be rare.

The photos posted here are however, rare in true sense. She looks like a decent Indian girl in the yellow Salwar Kamiz (Indian dress) and it of course is the rarest photos of the girl.

Here are some nice photos of the fully dressed adult film actress. After looking at these photos I can’t help wondering why did she choose to shed those clothes to make her living. Sunny surely looks beautiful in these clothes – much more than without them.

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21 thoughts on “Sunny Leone – rare Salwar Kamiz photos”

  1. Gorgeous, u r born 4 being a star but not a pornstar, why u hv done that baby!..stunning… nevertheless go ahead…i luv u kuchi kuchi..

  2. This is a real look/reality of you sunny. I don’t know why you dothat what you do? Whatever , but i tell you only one thing that the time was not gone, its in your hand this time also. So please be a real punjaban and thinkabout yor life.

  3. oh very sad ,god gives u a beautiful face & pretty eyes , but u did very bad , could i hold u when first time u took off ur cloths.

  4. sunny leone ko mat samjhaw, ab dekhna jism 2 me ye kya hashar karti he sab bhool jayenge munni, sheela and etc :P ahahahahahhah dekhna
    porn star porn star hi rahegi sun lia tum logo ne han bs ab w8 karo jism 2 ka :P

  5. i love u very much. but i want 2 tell u that u can,t get satisfaction in ur life. so plz leave these kind of activities.

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