Sunny Leone kicked out of her flat in Mumbai ?

UPDATE – Sunny has denied such rumor and has told that she has left the place a year earlier.

In recent reports the Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone, is facing numerous problem because of her history in adult industry in Hollywood. When Sunny’s attempt to buy an apartment couldn’t be a reality she was offered to rent actress Selina Jetley’s apartment. Selina reportedly accused Sunny of failing to take good care of the flat.

sunny in goa shooting 2

In a report, Selina had visited Sunny’s flat a few days ago. In her visit she had found that the bathroom, balcony and furniture weren’t cleaned.

In reports, Sunny has moved to a hotel after she was asked to vacate the flat.

In a separate report, a Hindu group has also asked the government to deport Sunny Leone and restrict her entry in the country in a police petition. The group has accused Sunny of spreading vulgarity through her website.

The group accused Sunny for allowing her website to be viewed by children. Although the website under Sunny’s own name has a warning in English, clicking on ‘Enter’ takes to the unrestricted explicit content. There however is no report of the link between the Hindu Janjagriti Samaj and Selina’s action against Sunny.

sunny leone website.

According to Sunny’s latest update in her Twitter, she is currently busy in the shooting in Goa.

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