Shanti Dynamite aims big, not interested in item dances

The UK adult artist Shanti Dyanmite has told that she is not interested in being an item girl in Bollywood. She would rather prefer the leading roles, a ‘heroine’ as she says.

Shanti Dyanmite hot looks sideways

It is to be seen if she would even get a break in Bollywood given her track record. Shanti Dynamite seems to be excited because of the success of Sunny Leone. But, by the way she talks and behaves, Shanti can’t compared to Sunny in any sense. Sunny seems to be matured and keep herself from controversial statements.

On the other hand, Shanti has started by accusing Sunny Leone of copying her. Not a single Indian buys Shanti’s statement of Sunny copying her. Everybody knows it’s only a marketing gimmick.

When asked about Shanti Dynamite, Sunny Leone told that she had never heard of her. And, Sunny’s statement is plausible as all Shanti attracts is sex-starved guys and nobody is really interested in her talent. Bollywood has a lot of girls much more talented and beautiful then Shanti. And, many of them are also willing to show-off as much as the Indian censor board passes.

Do you think Shanti can make it big in Bollywood ? Please comment.

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