Selena Gomez did mujra number in MTV Movie Awards

With Indian style make-up and a red dress, Selena Gomez performed a song titled ‘When you’re ready come and get it’ at the MTV Movie Awards 2013. Selena was wearing an Indian Bindi on her forehead and performed mujra thumkas.

selina gomez mujra 5


The song started with a male voice singing in Punjabi tunes and tabla beats in the background. The album released a few week earlier had Selena in in Namaste pose. Selena had used some classical dance moves and mujra steps.

After Selena broke up with Justine Bieber, this was her first live performance. The 2013 MTM Movie Awards ceremony was held in Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, California on April 14, 2013. Some highlights of the dance are shown below:

selina gomez mujra mtv 1

selina gomez mujra 2 mtv

selina gomez mujra 3

selina gomez mujra4

selina gomez mujra 5 (2)

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