Sanskruti Balgude dance moves.

Last year, Marathi actress Sanskruti Balgude had paid tribute to veteran Marathi actresses through her scintillating performance.She performed dance move on various hit dance numbers of films featuring divas of Marathi film industry.

That was on a live concert by well known singers Swapnil Bandodkar and Bela Shende. While the singers sang the hit numbers, Sanskruti spread magic with her dance moves. Well-known actor Sachin Pilgaonkar also joined her in some of the dances.

The actress and dancer Sanskruti is well known for her dance performances. Here are some videos of dances of Sanskruti.

She performed Lavani Dance in, Samarth Pratisthan’s Dahi Handi Mahotsav:

Another dance at Rangatsav:

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