Rakhi Sawant hot avatar and anger against Sunny Leone

These days, Rakhi Sawant is not much happy with Sunny Leone and the censor board. That was because the Censor Board has said that one of Rekhi’s video is not suitable for viewers whereas the film of ex-adult star, Sunny has been passed it.  Rakhi was so angry that she accused the Board of touching the feet of the adult star.

rakhi shawant 4

Rakhi was talking in a song launch party. According to people, Rakhi wasn’t happy with Sunny because she has encroached the area Rakhi prefers to play in – in steamy and hot role. Sunny has become a new sensation and a credible force in the Bollywood film industry. A lot of other actresses and models are worried by Sunny’s popularity because is she is a no-nonsense actress with attractive face and body. In top of that she is a good actress and dancer.

According to Google, Sunny is currently the most searched person in India.

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