Nepal girls perform Mujra dances in Tanzania mujra bars

Taking advantage of visa on arrival for Nepali in Tanzania and Kenya, Nepali girls have flocked to the African country to dance in the local dancebars. According to a report, there are 60 young Nepali girls in dance bars in Dar es Salaam, a city in Tanzania. According to a Nepali newspaper report, there are more than 300 Nepali mujra dancers in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo and Madagascar.


It’s not only some random dancers, even Nepali actresses have also gone to the dance bar to make some quick money. (source – xnepali)

dancing mujra in africa

According to report, middlemen take the innocent girls to the African country and force them to work in Mujra bars. These Mujra bars are the fronts for prostitution and are patronised mostly by Indian businessmen. According to Nepali times: "For bar-hopping Africans and Indians in Dar es Salaam, ‘Nepal’ has now become synonymous with ‘dancing girl’. The Nepali word ‘kanchhi’ is part of the vocabulary of Dar es Salaam’s nightlife."

tanzania mujra bara nepali girl

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2 Responses to Nepal girls perform Mujra dances in Tanzania mujra bars

  1. Alkesh Vara says:

    Why can’t we take a video of the dancers that’s what I think that the tanzanya police are bull shit and rubbish all that whant
    Is money thay have more money then what we have that are so selfish police u never see a UK British police do that to public tanzaya police don’t have any kind of shame that can’t speak
    English all that say is mombo jumbo rubbish I am so up set by this the government can’t pull his finger out to whom ever
    Is understanding this please just slap a police man on the head
    That never make use of other gun it is for show never let them take advantage of you

  2. suresh says:

    in nairobi CID arested man name by ANKUR alias ROKEY alias GANDHI in conection of runing mujra in dimond palza. he is very close to Druge mafia VIKEY GOSWAMI who is arested in mombasa an VIKEY has given money to ROKEY to open this mujra in dimond plaza. ROKEY is handling all black money a/c of vikey goswami we have proof for that even last payment given by FBI agent 80000$ its trensfer to VIKEY a/c in Dimond trest bank and its diposint in his a/c by ROCKY in dimondtrust bank dimond plaz branch so if goverment want more proof agenst VIKEY GOswami thay have to introgret to ROCKY who is in sale at milimani nairobi.

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