Nargis and Deedar – District Government wanted to take action against the actresses

The theatre monitoring teams of district government raided various theatres in the city and recommended to take action against stage dancers like Nargis, Deedar, Nari, Gulnar and Sara Malik for performing “vulgar” and/or unscripted dances.


Dances objectioned for unscripted and un-approved by the censor rehearsal panel were:

  • Dance and “dhamal” by Mina Naz in a play Munda Shehr Lahore Da preformed at the Mehfil Theatre. It is told that the stage artist Abida Baig delivered the objectionable, out of script dialogue.
  • In the stage play, Mochi Derwaza, performed at Al Falah Theatre – Dances by Nari was found to be aggressive and vulgar and Sara Malik was not in script.
  • In the stage show Dulhan MBBS performed in the Crown Theatre, a group dance by Nasim Vikki and Iram Tahir was found to be unscripted (but not vulgar).
  • Two of the dances performed by Deedar were “dance was aggressive, movements were vulgar and filthy and they were not in the script.
  • Dance by another stage dancer Gulnar was also found to be vulgar.
  • Another dancer Nargis performance was also found to be obscene. She dances in Chalti Ka Naam Gari in the Naz Theatre.

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