Mujra tradition in London. Why Deepika Padukone refused a 4 crore offer?

Last month, many in Bollywood were surprised to know that Deepika Padukone turned down an offer of Rs. 4 crore, to perform in a private party in London. It sure is a huge money to perform a 4 minutes dance at the rate of 1 crore per minute! I wanted to know the hidden reason behind the turndown of the lucrative offer by Deepika.

Various reports in in initial days of 2000s revealed that mujra culture in it’s worst form was in rise in London. Illicit trade of sex was in rise under the name of ‘mujra’, a traditional Indian dance, and the hot item numbers of Bollywood films as a cover, Asian teenage girls were being forced into sexual slavery in the United Kingdom. Such businesses used to be operated by by gangs as part of an organized crime.


In a news report in 2003, Guradain reported an example of how the gangs make moneyf by running such private dance parties:

As the evening progresses, the girls come down from the stage and perform private dances for the men and offer them sexual services for between £75 and £100. All the money earned has to be passed back to the organisers and the top promoters are said to make profits of up to £10,000 per night.

The Independent reported the existence of such illicit mujra clubs in its April 9, 2000 edition.

the growth of illicit “mujra” clubs in London, Bradford and Leicester for which teenage dancers are imported from India and Pakistan in the service of a multimillion-pound sex industry.

The highly lucrative private dance clubs was believed to be a major threat to law and order in London and other places.


A large proportion of the women involved in such private parties come from eastern Europe, India and Pakistan. At that time, the music groups linked to the Indian and Pakistani film industry were suspected of running the prostitution rackets and human trafficking.

Such private parties used to be publicized almost entirely by word of mouth, and such performances taking place after normal closing hours. A typical mujra show usually involving up to 16 women, wearing traditional costume, dancing (usually, one at a time) on the stage to the sound tracks of Bollywood item number. The audience of such shows are usually male-only.

Although there aren’t much news about such a hidden business in London, I presume the tradition continues and it is so profitable that they can even offer a handsome sum of Rs. 1 crore per minute for such performance.

Now, question arises – did the actresses like Katrina Kaif, Ameesha Patel, Mallika Sherawat, and Rani Mukherjee, who had performed in such private parties in the past were also involved in sex trade?


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