Mujra in Burhanpur district – government registers removed

After the ‘attendance’ registers, kept at the mujra houses in Burhanpur district on the order of the government for the last four years, were recently removed, the mujra business has felt the sigh of relief.

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The government started the registers in 2008 when a taxi driver tipped off about dropping a terror suspect in one of the mujra houses in Burhanpur. In the security operation afterwards no suspect was found but, may customers were harassed and detained. The government imposed a restriction that every mujra house keep a register of the details of every visitor including names, vehicle registration numbers and phones of their references were kept.


The government decision had caused the downturn of mujra business when many local customers and customers from neighboring districts stopped showing up.

The mujra houses are run by Deredar community and before 2008 some 60 families of the community were involved in mujra dancing. After the government restriction, only 24 families have opted for mujra dancing. These days, education is considered important and the community has four lawyers, three gynecologist, three medical representatives, some businessmen and nine teachers.

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