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nargis Nargis, a Pakistani film actress and stage dancer started her career as film actress. She acted in a number of movies. Later she started to do stage and is very popular among the stage dancers. Nargis is elder sister of another popular stage dancer Deedar. These two sisters are very popular for their dance and they have worked together in many stage plays.

Nargis has performed in Punjabi stage show in Lahore, Multan Faisalabad and other cities of Punjab  Apart from being a good dancer she is also a very good actress. The  talented and versatile actress with beautiful and sexy figure has made her the first choice among the viewers.

The recent film of Nargis, <em>Sooha Jora</em> (Bridal Dress), was produced with her husband Zubair Shah.

Personal Details:

Birth Name: Ghazallah
Showbiz Name: Nargis
Date of Birth: 21 Apri 1974
Height: 5 Feet 5 Inch
Marital Status: Married
Husband Name: Zubair Shah

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One dance video, featuring Nargis is:

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  1. sami says:

    hallow nargis plz ma’m ak br apse mealna te jastajo hai

  2. manne says:

    Nagris is a sexy dancer…

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