Mujra Dancer, actress – Madiha Shah

madiha-shahMadiha Shah is one of the famous Pakistani film and stage actress.

Born as Rubina Butt on February 8, 1970 in Lahore, Madiha started her career in entertainment industry as a model and acted in Television. Lahore Television air her debut play, "Hari Bhari Chhaon" in Punjabi. In 1989 she also acted in Rashid Dar’s play "Sauraj Ke Sath Saath". Her role of a disabled girl in the play was very appreciated by the viewers. After showing her talent in a number of serials and plays movie producers approached her to ask her to act in films. But she didn’t accept any offers until she met director Altaf Hussain who offered her a role in her Lollywood debut film was "Nageena". The movie released in 1995 established her as an actress. Madiha became a top actress in mid 90s.

Apart from working in some 37 movies, she has also done modeling. In 1997, she stopped acting in Lollywood movies to start working in stage drama. Being a good dance in theater, she has established herself in stage drama.

Madiha Shah was briefly married in her early teen year, but that marriage did not last long and she was divorced. In the beginning, her family disapproved of her career in films, but eventually her mother accepted her daughter’s decision to be an actress. Her father, a senior government official, still disapproves of Madiha’s filmi career. Last year (in 2011), she told that she was having an affair with a businessman and was planning to get married soon.


Some of the notable movies of Madiha are Zameen Asmaan, Laat Sahib, Main Ne Pyar Kiya, Pyasa Sawan, Nangey Paoon, Munda Kashmiri, Main Jeena Chahti Hoon, Nargis and Nagina. Majajun.

These days, she is mostly seen on stage shows performing mujra dances.


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