Mujra Dancer – Khushboo Biography

Khushboo is a famous Pakistani actress and stage dancer. Born on 13 October 1969 in Lahore, Khushboo started her acting career in 1988 as a supporting actress. She has acted in a lot of movies, mostly in the supporting role. Khushboo’s first movie was Maa bani Dulhan, released in 1988.

The most successful movie of Khusboo was Dil kisi ka Dost Nahi, released in 1997. In this movie she was the lead actress. After 2000, Khusboo started to be more active in stages shows and dances.

Personal details

Birth Name: Sobia Hussain
Date of Birth: 13 October 1969 in Lahore
Height: 5Feet 5 Inch
Active in: TV and Film Actress and Stage Dancer
Married to: Arbaz Khan

Some of the dances of Khusboo are:

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  1. mehwish says:

    i like Khushboo too much

  2. Kashi says:

    Khushboo I luv u, u r a gud dancer,

  3. Rizwan says:

    Wht the f*k arbaz you are a loser loser guy……. Shame on you miss sonia khushboo

  4. ancare says:

    Khosboo… sexy

  5. khurram shahzad says:

    i m in paris i like you soo much i miss you all tame i like your mujra kisssssssssssssss

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