Mujra Dancer – Hina Shaheen

Hina Shaheen is a versatile stage, film and TV actress and dancer. The stage play dances of Hina are very popular.



Hina is considered a very good  actress and a dancer. Sexy and lovely Hina is loved by the viewers and her mujra CDs, VCDs are also very popular .

The beautiful dancer has a sexy figure to go with.

hina shaheen 1

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4 Responses to Mujra Dancer – Hina Shaheen

  1. anil says:

    i love you

  2. hassan says:

    hina i like your ur dance and i want to meet u

  3. zia says:

    bari hi badsurat orat ho green kapro wali picture may…..:( aisa getup suite nai karta tum ko……..

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