Mujra Dancer – Anjuman Shehzadi (death update)


Anjuman Shahzadi has died on May 15, 2011, Sunday. Shahzadi was suffering from liver problem and she passed away in Jinnah hospital in Lahore Pakistan. May her soul rest in peace!

The following post was written before she died.

The stage actress and dancer Anjuman Shahzadi is one of the popular Pakistani stage dancer. Apart from acting in a number of stage plays, she is also considered one of the hottest dancers in Pakistan.

Famous for her bold and sexy dances, she is liked by many people. Once, she was even banned on stage because of her bold moves and skin shows. Due to her talent and willingness to be sexier than the rest, Anjuman gained a lot of popularity in a very short time.

Anjuman’s bold dances are also available in various VCDs and DVDs. A beautiful with a sexy figure has helped her to be established in top position in the mujra dance industry and her mujra CD’s are like hot cakes and are in high demand all over the world.

Few of Anuman’s mujra are posted here.


UPDATE: According a close aide, Anjuman was brought to the hospital from a commercial theater with severe fever. The fever damaged her lungs causing her sudden death. An autopsy to find the real cause of her death was avoided so, some suspect foul play in her death.

Her funeral prayers was held at her residence in Iqbal Town and was buried at her native town, Bahawalpur. The Jinnah Hospital DMS had said that narcotics’ ingredients were found in her stomach and the blood.

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19 Responses to Mujra Dancer – Anjuman Shehzadi (death update)

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  2. asad says:

    she was a nice girl

  3. Anil says:

    I love her …
    May her soul rest in Peace

  4. jayesh says:

    Beautiful lady and good dancer. I liked her not because of she being sexy, but beacuse she was a good dancer. Especially her eye and fascial expressions were Killer. I still can’t believe that this tragedy happened to her.

  5. mehwish says:

    she was so lovely i like her dance

  6. saeed says:

    Today i was feeling lonely in saudia.I searched her on youtube.Sudden i found “Anjuman Shahzadi Death”.I shocked.ALLAH usay Jannat main jagah Ata fermaey.Aameen.

  7. aabid says:

    Tumary kartooton k bawajud meri dua ha k Allah tuje bakhsh dy. tum ne paisy k liye kd ko nanga kr k dikhaya r sasti shuhrat hasil ki kash tume akhrat ki kch fikr hoti?

  8. manu says:

    allah may her soul rest in peace,

  9. Umar SAhi says:

    May her soul rest in heaven.

  10. Yuvaraj says:

    Wuw her ! such a nice dancer ! R I P !

  11. b kapur says:

    Genius Gone!

  12. zaib says:

    Its not allowed in islam 2 show off ur skin n any body part, specially women’s this stire cause of big sins. As a human being every mankind get grief on any death including this lady. May God relive her soul from big azab

  13. Subha says:

    I would definately say that she was not talented she was no better than a common pro.

  14. IFTIKHAR says:

    May her soul rest in Peace

  15. chi says:

    soosh mast

  16. omer says:

    I dont believe this she died,i saw her stage dramas i mean she was a good dancer she suddenly died.may her soul rest in piece

  17. Shahid Uddaas says:

    I ask mujra uploader, please remove all her mujra dances as she is no more in this world and it might hurt her in the hereafter life, so pleeeeeease this is mu humble request to all of those.

  18. Suzon says:

    She was a awesome dancer.i am very upset to heard her death was unbeliveble

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