Kangana Ranaut mujra and Rajjo in making

Vishwas Patil’s dream project ‘Rajjo’ is the first directional venture of the well known writer and historian. The movie is based on mujra culture and mujra houses in which the leading female actress is a ‘nautchwali’, a mujra dancer.

kangana-rajjo_mujra dance

After a lookout for the most suitable actress for the lead role, Vishwas Patil choose Kangana Ranaut in the lead role. 

On choosing Kangana, the director said that in addition to Kangana’s talent, he saw ‘a strong Indianess’ in her to go with her role. In ‘Rajjo’ Vishwas Patil expects to exploit the Indianess in Kangana. He says that the movie addresses the demise of mujra houses and failure to compete with the entertainment  industry and corruption.’  Kangana is also very excited to do the role.

‘Rajjo’ is produced by Four Pillars Entertainment and is expected to release at the end of the year.

It is rumored that Rs. 5 crore set aside to built a red light area in Borivali, Mumbai. Vishwas Patil wants to give a very realistic look of the area and the film writer Atul Tiwari had visited Hira Mandi area in Lahore, Pakistan to help in building the setf of the movie.

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