Devika Rani, the first lady and the first kiss scene in Bollywood

The Indian society has been quite conservative in terms of kiss scenes in movies. For the first time in the history of Indian cinema, actress Devika Rani was the first brave actress to offer the scene in a 1933 movie.

first kiss scene in billywood devika rani

The movie named ‘Karma’ was the debut movie of the well known actress of the time Devika Rani. The kiss scene filmed between Devika and her husband Himanshu Roy in the movie is the first such scene in Bollywood.

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The movie was also the first Indian cinema with English dialogues. The movie was later released in Hindi as ‘Nagan Ki Ragini’. The success of ‘Karma’ established Devika Rani in the Indian cinema.

The kiss scene looked natural and was more about love than anything else. Even after the movie public kissing was taboo for a long time in Indian cinema. As kissing in open public area is still a socially unacceptable practice, Devika had taken a huge risk in her first movie.

Apart from being husband and wife they had jointly started the well known film studio, Bombay Studio in 1934.

devika rani

A short biography of Devika Rani:

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