Azurie, item girl of 1930s in Indian cinema

Azurie’s mother was Indian but her father was German and was born in 1907 in Bangalore during the British rule in India. Azurie (sometimes referred as Azoorie) is one of the few Jewish stars of Indian cinema. Her real name is Anna Marie Gueizelor. In her later life, Azurie moved to Pakistan and lived there for the rest of her life. She died in the August of 1998 in Pakistan.

Video: Azurie performing in 1944 film ‘Rattan’:

Azurie being the first dancer to gain immense popularity in Hindi films. In addition to being a very popular vamp dancer, she also acted as the role model to the dancers who followed her steps in the Indian cinema. Her banner year was 1935 in which she had danced in at least 14 films. Azurie’s last film Bahana (1960) was the last film in India. She had also danced in some Pakistani films including Jhoomar (1959).

azurie - item dancer in indian cinema

Films featuring Azurie:

  • 1934 – Nadira and Noor Mahal
  • 1935 – Bahen Ka Prem, Bal Hatya, Jane Alam (Anjumanara), Jawani Ki Hawa, Judgement of Allah, Katl-E-Am, Mard-E-Maidan, Pardesi Saiyan, Raat Ki Rani, Raj Tarang, Rangila Nawab, Ratan Manjari, Shahi Lutera, Stree Dharma
  • 1936 – Baghi Sipahi, Country Girl, Janbaz Malika, Lagna Bandhan, Matwali Jogan, Maya, Noor E Wahadat, Sunehra Sansar,
  • 1939 – Mera Watan
  • 1940 – Jai Swadesh
  • 1941 – Naya Sansar
  • 1942 – Kaljug, Nai Duniya, Return of Toofan Mail, Sheikh Chilli
  • 1943 – Tasveer
  • 1944 – Rattan
  • 1945 – Chhamia, Lakharani, Pannadai
  • 1946 – Magic Cap, Shahjehan, Talwarwala
  • 1947 – Faisla, Hatimtai, Parwana
  • 1960 – Bahana

azurie - item dancer in indian cinema 2

NOTE: This post is a part of iMujra “What is an Item Number?” series. In this series we are covering the definition of item number in Indian cinema and dive into the history of item numbers. This post, a profile of an item girl, Azurie, is meant to be a part of the second part in the series – “History of Item Number in Bollywood” (to be published soon).

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