Actress arrested in a sex racket bust in Goa

An actress rescued in a high profile prostitution racket was bust in Goa on June 2. The police has arrested 30 years old Ayesha Sayyad, the alleged agent of the racket.

actress arrested

An unnamed South Indian actress was also arrested by police in a raid of a 5 star hotel in Panaji, Goa. The Telugu actress is also told to be featured in the supporting role in a blockbuster Hindi film.

According to the police, the actress and the agent Ayesha had arrived Goa from Mumbai in the morning flight. The police claimed that Ayesha supplies actress and high profile prostitutes to the clients in 5 star hotels. The police reportedly used a fake customer to arrest her while another person involved managed to get away. The police hasn’t revealed if the actress was forced into the sex trade or she had willingly participated.

It is no secret that many Indian actresses also work as sex workers secretly and some of them get arrested from time to time. A National Award winner actress, Shweta Basu was arrested in September of 2014. Another actress Divya Sri was also arrested in similar charges at the same time. Tamil actress Aish Ansari was also arrested in similar sex racket a few years ago.

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