8 forms of Indian classical dances

bharatanatyamIndian classical dance is an umbrella term to represent various dance art forms termed Natya. Hindu musical dances can be traced as back as 400 BC when Bharata Muni started the Natya Shastra.

Eight Indian dance styles are defined by Sangeet Natak Akademi (The National Academy for Music, Dance and Drama) setup by the Government of India.

  1. Bharatanatyam (Originated in Tamil Nadu)
  2. Kathak (Originated in Uttar Pradesh)
  3. Kathakali (Originated in Kerala)
  4. Kuchipudi (Originated in Andhra Pradesh)
  5. Manipuri (Originated in Manipur)
  6. Mohiniyattam (Originated in Kerala)
  7. Odissi (Originated in Orissa)
  8. Sattriya (Originated in Assam)

We will talk in detail on each form of classical dance in separate posts. We have collected some sample videos of each dance style for your pleasure (these videos are embedded from YouTube and the credits goes to the video uploaders.):

Bharatanatyam (Originated in Tamil Nadu)

Kathak (Originated in Uttar Pradesh)

Kathakali (Originated in Kerala)

Kuchipudi (Originated in Andhra Pradesh)

Manipuri (Originated in Manipur)

Mohiniyattam (Originated in Kerala)

Odissi (Originated in Orissa)

Sattriya (Originated in Assam)

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