10 Indian Actresses accused of running sex rackets

There was a report of the arrest of an actress in a raid in Goa. Although the unnamed South Indian actress, who has also appeared in suprehit Bollywood movies like Oh My God and ‘Dabbang’, has refused to acknowledge that she was supposed to sleep with the client she was meeting, a lot of other actresses in the past have done such things. We have compiled the list of 10 infamous actresses who were accused of running sex rackets. Most of these actresses are of South Indian origin.

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Shweta Basu Prasad

Shweta Basu was arrested by Hyderabad police in 2014 for running a sex racket. The child artist of the 2002 film ‘Makadi’ starring Shabana Aazmi had helped her win the National Award. She later told that she had to go into prostitution to support her costly lifestyle.

1 sweta basu prasad

Jyothi and Saira Bhanu

A group of men and women were arrested by the police in a raid in Hyderabad in 2010. The group of actresses were running a prostitution ring.

jyothi telugu actress

saria banu


Sarvani, a Telugu TV actress Was arrested when caught red hand with the owner of a steel company, in a raid.

Shravani tv actress


Another TV actress, Zara Was also arrested in a high profile sex racket bust in 2011. The action and the team was running the Sex racket in multi Star hotels.


Another South Indian actress by found running a prostitution ring ina TV sting operation.

4 Kinnara

Aish Ansari

South Indian actress Aish was also arrested for running a high profile sex racket. The actress had also done provocative photo shots for online magazine.

Ansari Aish


A will known south Indian actress Yamana was also arrested red hand with a customer.



A small time actress Niharika Was also arrested in a high profile sex  racket.

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