Pashto singer Gulnar (Muskan) killed

A famous Pashto female singer, Gulnar (also known as Muskan) was killed at her home on June 18 night. In a report, four unknown men forced in her house and opened fired on her.

pashto muskan- gulnar

Immediately after the incident, Gulnar was rushed to the hospital where she lost her life. Gulnar lived in Peshawar, a northwestern city of Pakistan. Gulnar, 38, was married three times in the past and had personal enemies.

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Shanti Dynamite might participate in Bogg Boss 8

It is likely that Shanti Dynamite might be one of the participants of the controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 8. If the news is true, that would be the repetition of what another similar actress, Sunny Leone, did in ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 5. The reality show is considered the doorway to Bollywood for Sunny and we wouldn’t be surprised if Shanti does that same.

Shanti-Dynamite-Blue-sexy attire

Although Shanti denies copying Sunny Leone and she is original, it does make sense to copy the things that has proven to work. In the past various item girls had participated in ‘Bigg Boss’. It is also to be noted, none other participants had benefited like Sunny.

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Leela features Sunny Leone in new looks

The new Bollywood star, Sunny Leone, is featured in new looks in her third Bollywood movie. The adult star who has told that she is won’t leave Bollywood to go back to her past profession of adult film industry, is well received in Bollywood.

sunny leone in leela

In her upcoming movie ‘Leela’, Sunny Leone is featured as a crazy lover who is deeply in love to a normal man. The movie directed by Bobby Khan will feature Sunny in completely new looks. In a photo released by the film team, Sunny is seen as a sexy princess seating in a throne.

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Sunny Leone enjoying Bollywood life, won’t return to adult films

The Bollywood actress and former adult film star Sunny Leone has announced that she won’t return back to the previous profession. She says that she is trying hart to delete the dark past. In a latest interview, Sunny told that she wants to be better known as a Bollywood actress rather that an adult actress.

sunny leone in saree

As the demand of Sunny in Bollywood movies keeps on increasing, she has also responded by telling that she won’t return back to her previous profession. The last movie of Sunny ‘Ragini MMS 2′ was also highly successful and she was well received in Bollywood. Apart from being hot and sexy body, Sunny also has a beautiful face to go with it. It seems, she also knows the formula to woo the Indian audience with the right balance of sex and sensuality.

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5 facts about Shanti Dynamite

The adult artist of UK is all set to debut in Bollywood in an upcoming movie ‘Savita Barbie’. The actress to debut in a movie to be made on a cartoon character celebrated her 23rd birthday on June 1 in UK.

birthday cake shanti dynamite

Here are 5 things you might want to learn about the actress who followed the path of Sunny Leone to Bollywood.

  • The real name of Shanti Dynamite is Sofiya Vasileiadou.
  • Sofiya’s mom is an Indian and her father is of Greek origin.
  • Shanti Dynamite was born on June 1, 1992.
  • Shanti has 9 tattoos on her body.
  • Shanti is debuting in Bollywood in upcoming movie ‘Savita Barbie’, an erotic tale on the gangs of the Mumbai underworld. .

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Shanti Dynamite finally landed in a Bollywood flick

After Sunny Leone, now it is Shanti Dynamite’s turn to enter Bollywood. It seems, Shanti is all set to enter the Indian movie industry. She also tried to create a controversy over Sunny Leone. And she had recently landed in Mumbai in search for a career in Bollywood. She told that she was looking for something more than an item dance in movies. After months of effort, Shanti might have landed into the camp of ‘Kamasutra 3D’ maker – Rupesh Paul’s next production. The movie titled ‘Savita Barbie’.

shanti dynamite dances

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10 little known facts about Sunny Leone on her 33rd birthday

A Bollywood actress with a background of working in a taboo industry in India, adult actress, Sunny Leone has recently turned 33 years-old (on May 13, 2014). People have seen everything of Sunny, with clothes and without them but, she still have some facts that many don’t know.

Video summary:

sunny leone 10 facts

We have compiled top 10 facts of Sunny that are not known to a lot of people:

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Mothers Day question – If Sunny Leone were a mother to a daughter who follows her profession

First, we wish Sunny Leone a very happy birthday. We wish her success in upcoming projects.

Actress Sunny Leone, has been working really hard to wash away her past profession and establish herself as a Bollywood actress. Sunny’s hot role in ‘Ragini MMS 2′ has surely helped her in that direction. 

sunny leone

In an interview, a journalist had asked Sunny what her reaction would be if she were blessed with a daughter who want to follow her mother’s footsteps. Married to Daniel Webber, Sunny is yet to give birth to any child.

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The Mujra Girls of Kennedy Bridge (Part 1)

This article, authored by Parul Kapur and Saeed Haider, was published in ‘Bombay’ magazine. We have typed it from the print article (so, there might be typing error) are are publishing it in multi-part series.

In the days of maharajas, they performed in royal music rooms and were part of the entourage on wedding trips and hunt. Princes and nawabs paid them in silver coins and presented them jewels. mujra artists, in those days,were exponent of Kathak and classical music. Today, they wriggle about like film heroines before mafiosos and petty businessmen.

Close to 500 mujra singers and dancers live in a group of crumbling buildings near Kennedy Bridge, continuing an ancient tradition that has been vulgarized by the impact of Hindi cinema in recent decades. Full of shame, anger and hurt or their degradation, the women of Kennedy Bridge are trapped by tradition and necessity.

Mujra Girls of Kennedy Bridge

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Aaminah Haq, fashion celebrity

Aamina Haq (or sometimes written Aaminah Haq and Amna Haq) is a Pakistani model, actress, television host, column writer and stage actress. She is well known for her role in the television drama ‘Mehndi’. As a Lux model Aamina had hosted three seasons of Lux Style ki Duniya. She also ran a chat show ‘Aaminah Haq Show’ in Aag TV. 

Aaminah was a Brand Ambassador of Levi Jeans, was once interviewed by French Vogue and she gained international exposure when she modeled in commercials in Canada. People appreciate the beauty of Aaminah by calling her the ‘Aishwarya Rai of Pakistan’


Born on November 4, 1973 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, Aamina is a daughter of Ghulam Mustafa Khar, former Governor of Punjab and Chief Minister of Punjab and a cousin of Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister of Pakistan. Aamina married a model and fashion designed Ammar Belal in 2009.

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