Sunny Leone celebrates Valentines Day at a frozen lake in Canada

You might think celebrating Valentines Day in a warm nice place is romantic. But, Sunny Leone doesn’t think so. Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber choose a frozen lake with -34 degrees centigrade temperature weather to celebrate their Valentine Day.  Don’t believe?

sunny leone and husband valentine day canada

Sunny and Daliel went to Sarnia, Canada and skated over a frozen lake and did all sorts of romantic things before returning back to their home in LA. In Twitter, Sunny wrote, "I think we are almost ready for skating with the Stars! not sure if we’ll make the first round.Not that graceful! Lol "

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Sunny Leone Zee TV Valentine Day special

The Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone is going to do a Valentine Day show in Zee TV. The show titled ‘Locha-E-Ulfat’ will be broadcasted at 5 pm on February 15.

locha-e-ulfat zee

Well, it will be a day too late for the V-Day but, it still should be worth a wait. The child Sunil Grover, named Birju, falls in love to a cute little girl. His crush towards the little girl was never fulfilled causing him to become an angry young man. He hates love and love stories.

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Dance bar ban in Mumbai challenged by SC, again

The Maharashtra government has been working hard to ban dance bars in the state. The government had thought that the Bollywood capital should embrace sanity and stop girls from dancing in bars and restaurant in 2005. The ban was challenged by the Bombay High Court and the law was made ineffective in 2006. It seems the government is serious in banning the dance bars. The government re-introduced a ban on dance bar in 2014.

dance bar in mumbai

Supreme Court (SC) challenged the government initiative citing that the ban will affect the livelihood of some 75,000 dancers. On February 6, SC has directed the Maharashtra government to reply to the the petition that challenges the 2014 ban on dance bars.

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Sunny Leone takes a sensuous bath in 100 liters of milk

In a hot and erotic scene in her upcoming movie the hottest and sexy actress in Bollywood, Sunny Leone has bathed in milk. In the scene of ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ shot in Rajastan included about 100 liters of milk to bathe the actress.

sunny leone milk bath

It is believed that the skin becomes vibrant after bathing in milk. To make it easy for Sunny, hot water was mixed with milk. 

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Shakila, item girl of 1950s in Indian cinema

Shakila is an actress best known for her dance in 1954 film ‘Aar Paar’ and her role in 1956 film ‘C.I.D’. ‘Aar Paar’ is the first film she is featured as an adult actress. The films before that featured Shakila in child roles.

shakila babuji dheere chalna

After being featured in more than 40 movies, Shakila retired from the film industry in 1963. She moved to the United Kingdom with her husband and didn’t return back to the film industry. Shakila, Noor (Noorjahan) and Nasreen are three beautiful sisters brought up by their aunt and they led a very difficult childhood in Mumbai. They had lost their parents in a very young age. All three sisters had their share of exposure in Indian cinema.

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Cuckoo, cabaret dancer item girl in Indian cinema

A popular item dancers of late 1940s and 1950s, Cuckoo continues the item dance culture of Indian cinema. The next popular dancer and item girl of Indian cinema, Cuckoo, was greatly inspired by her senior, Azurie (Azurie profile in iMujra). She even modeled herself after Azurie and became quite successful in continuing the vamp image in films. In 1949 alone she had danced in over 17 films.

cuckoo item girl indian cinema

She is often credited for being the first of the well known dancing actress of Indian Cinema. She is also credited for the popularity of ‘cabaret’ dance in Indian films. ‘Cabaret’ dance became integral part of Hindi films made between 1950s and 1970s.

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Azurie, item girl of 1930s in Indian cinema

Azurie’s mother was Indian but her father was German and was born in 1907 in Bangalore during the British rule in India. Azurie (sometimes referred as Azoorie) is one of the few Jewish stars of Indian cinema. Her real name is Anna Marie Gueizelor. In her later life, Azurie moved to Pakistan and lived there for the rest of her life. She died in the August of 1998 in Pakistan.

Video: Azurie performing in 1944 film ‘Rattan':

Azurie being the first dancer to gain immense popularity in Hindi films. In addition to being a very popular vamp dancer, she also acted as the role model to the dancers who followed her steps in the Indian cinema. Her banner year was 1935 in which she had danced in at least 14 films. Azurie’s last film Bahana (1960) was the last film in India. She had also danced in some Pakistani films including Jhoomar (1959).

azurie - item dancer in indian cinema

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What is an item number ?

We believe item number is a modification of Mujra dance in modern contest in the films of Indian sub-continent. A sample of item number is attached here (Fevicol Se …, featuring Kareena Kapoor in film ‘Dabaang 2′):

An item number or an item song or an item dance is a musical performance, a part of Indian films, usually added to attract audience. The main aim of such musical score is to entertain and promote the film. Item numbers are usually used to promote the film in TV and internet by the means of catchy tunes and sexually provocative dance sequence.

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Book Review, Illict Worlds of Indian Dance: Cultures of Exclusion

A book by Anna Morcom , Illicit Worlds of Indian Dance: Cultures of Exclusion ( purchase link) is about the inside story of Indian dance, mostly the Mujra dances. Hidden history and culture of the dance culture is mostly unknown, thanks to the lack of published literature.

mujra dancing 1

Anna Morcom starts by telling how how little we know about the dance making herself one of the cases. In addition to the female mujra dancers, she has also explored the erotic male performers in traditions across South Asia.

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Qubool Hai to feature a mujra dance by Surbhi Jyoti

The protagonist of the popular Zee TV serial ‘Qubool Hai’ Surbhi Jyoti, is going to perform a Mujra dance. Mujra had been made popular in Bollywood by Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Rekha, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. Now, Surabhi is all set to make it popular in small screen.

surbhi jyoti

The mujra song titled ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ will be the main attraction of the upcoming episodes of the show.

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